Appointment-only business Statement Jewels is owned and operated by Mart van Drunen; a certified appraisal expert in jewels and golden objects. At any one time the Statement Jewels collection may comprise pieces from distinct periods of the 20th Century – the ‘60s/‘70s being a particular favourite – right through to the freshest of contemporary designs – with a red thread of ‘wearability’ connecting throughout.

This word is particularly important when it comes to Mart’s own designs for The Amsterdam Collection by Statement Jewels. These are unique pieces of high-end jewellery, hand-crafted in the heart of Amsterdam by Mart’s goldsmith Frederik Bakker, using entirely upcycled materials. These materials include ‘urban-mined’ gold – recycled gold, sourced from the local Amsterdam region, and various types of exotic wood off-cuts, sourced from a local, retired musical instrument maker.

Mart finds the early ‘20s of this new millennium a fascinating time to be involved with jewellery, as different techniques like laser cutting and 3D printing keep pushing and redefining the boundaries of jewellery-making craft. As a result, ‘old’ materials like leather and wood are returning in fanciful combinations alongside colour-tinted golds, titanium, platinum, and sparkling gemstones, as high-end jewellery pieces become increasingly sought after as works of art in their own right.

By appointment only

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